Duties of a Town Board Member

Some duties of the Town Board/Council Members include but are not limited to:


  • Legislative authority of the town

  • Fill vacancies in town offices (elected or appointed)

  • May select town attorney & engineer

  • Selects police officers

  • Provide for the hiring of other employees

  • Adopt budgets

  • Fix salaries of officers and employees

  • Establish rules of board procedure

  • Designate the official newspaper of the town

  • Provide for the construction of drainage flood control facilities

  • Provide for towers to be built

  • Buy and install traffic control equipment

  • Provide for certain public health services

  • Regulate certain dangerous conditions

  • Sponsor band concerts

  • Compromise or settle claims

  • Call special town elections

  • License certain occupations

  • Provide for town improvements

  • Establish fire, fire alarm and fire protection districts

Business Meeting

Why Politics?

My journey to want to represent the Town of Saugerties


Having witnessed my mother as a helper and that her giving brought more joy than receiving recognition or reward, I realized very quickly that I too loved to help others.  

Majoring in psychology and history, I decided that both the disciplines complimented each other and decided on becoming an educator.  Knowledge is so important  making informative decisions in daily life.  Teaching Participation in Government, Economics and World History enabled me to examine and synthesize our worlds political,  economic, religious, social intellectual and geographical aspects of people and civilizations in our world and apply it within my classroom and in my day to day life.  

Initially suburban life and living a close to one of the greatest cities in the world was exciting but once an independent resident with rent and bills to pay, a career to foster and my family so far away, I experienced firsthand the challenges one faced living in a community that I didn't have ties to and that community, family and involvement fostered solid foundations that helped not only the children I had in my classroom, but supported the people and places throughout history in various places in our world.  Also noticing the fast-paced way of life, competitive nature and priorities I was living among were not a good fit for me and that observation started my journey home.  

After marrying and starting a family, I longed for that community that I grew up in and wanted to raise my children in an area that fostered the value of community that had roots, connections and a shared history.  Since we were dependent upon my husbands job, it took us many years to be able to relocate back to Saugerties. 

My children are students at Morse Elementary and although I do not teach full-time, I am a substitute for the Saugerties School District.  As a homeowner I have frequented various town meetings and also noticed a lot of changes and began contacting our local representatives and researching and could not find many answers to the questions that greatly impacted my family and neighbors way of life.  

Further, I joined a political committee (which honestly, I do not believe the Town Board should have any party affiliation since we are all neighbors and becomes just another hoop to jump through) and there too I struggled to gain insight as to various concerns as there seemed to be a greater focus on national issues and not local issues so, I decided that I'd toss my hat into the ring and run for a seat on the Saugerties Town Board.  

As a concerned citizen, a taxpayer and dedicated member of our community, my goal is to foster incremental growth that sustains our economy without losing our quality of life.  Having no personal business interests of my own other than keeping our community from being the next Hamptons or Cape Cod, if elected, I will work for the people of Saugerties!